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privacy policy


With this data privacy policy, Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH would like to inform you about which personal data are explicitly collected and processed when using MARMIND® and for what purpose the data is used. The protection of your personal data as a user of MARMIND® is particularly taken into account by means of technical and organizational measures. The collection and use of this data takes place exclusively in compliance with your fundamental rights, freedoms and in compliance with the statutory provisions of the Data Protection Act in accordance with the GDPR as amended. This privacy policy is available at any time on this website in its current form.


Subject of the data protection

The subject of the data protection is personal data required for the authentication and use of the MARMIND® software. This includes information such as an email address and password. This optionally also includes ones first name, last name and profile picture.


Automated data collection

When accessing MARMIND®, your internet browser automatically transmits data for technical reasons. The following data is stored separately from other data that you enter or upload to the system when using MARMIND®: Date and time of access and the amount and type of data sent. This data is stored exclusively for technical reasons and is under no circumstance visible to other users.


MARMIND also logs changes that you, as a user, make as part of the use of the software. Technical protocols record access and changes to marketing objects, provided they are used for ongoing technical maintenance and troubleshooting. This data cannot be viewed by other users at any time and is used only if necessary to correct errors made by authorized technical personnel.


User profile data and authentication

To use MARMIND®, you need to log in. This requires an authorized user name and password. The registration data will be provided to you in advance by Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellerei GmbH. Please change your password immediately after the first login (option in your user profile) and at regular intervals when using MARMIND®.


You can optionally add additional personal data (first name, last name, company, role/position, telephone number, title and profile picture) to your user profile. For other users in MARMIND®, your first and last name, email address and your profile picture is visible. Your password is not visible to other MARMIND® software users at any time.


This user-related data is required by MARMIND® to ensure that you can use the full functionality of the MARMIND® software. This data is required, for example, for user-specific assignment of access rights (e.g. campaign teams) and responsibilities (e.g. for to-dos) by administrators and moderators. In addition, the user data is used for direct communication (e.g. in comments) to select recipients.


Data entered by users

If you use MARMIND® with a registered user account, all entered data is synchronized with a database. The data is transmitted using SSL encryption so that your data is transmitted securely at all times.


Recording of data

MARMIND records important changes made by users or system services to marketing objects with its date/time in so-called object histories. These can be accessed and viewed by appropriately authorized users in the system. This allows important changes per object (E.g. change of status, approvals by workflow step, comments, creation of new objects, change of responsibility, etc.) to be tracked chronologically. The history can only be accessed for specific objects. Overarching, personal user channels are not visible or evaluable to other MARMIND users at any time.


Accessibility of personal profile data

Non-members of the MARMIND® software cannot access your user data. In addition, MARMIND® cannot be searched by external search engines, which means that your profile and personal data cannot be found on the internet.


Disclosure of personal data

MARMIND® uses your personal data exclusively to enable you to use the services of the software that require registration. Under no circumstance shall your personal data be transmitted to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes, or otherwise transmitted to third parties. Any disclosure to third parties shall only take place if it is necessary for legal proceedings. However, this only happens if there is concrete evidence of unlawful or abusive activity.


Sending emails

MARMIND® provides a service for sending important messages by email to the email address stored in your MARMIND user profile. MAMIND® informs you about important events, due dates and approvals as well as direct messages from other users to you. In your MARMIND user profile, you can continue to set options for sending these messages by email. By using MARMIND, you agree to receive emails from the system to your stored email address.



Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellerei GmbH, as the operator of the MARMIND® software, takes the greatest possible efforts to protect your data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or destruction. Your personal data is only accessible to authorized users and employees who must necessarily have access to the data in order to carry out their activities properly and to offer you the best possible MARMIND® software services and products.


User rights

As a registered user of MARMIND®, you are entitled to the rights of access, rectification, deletion, restriction, data portability, revocation and objection in accordance with the GDPR as amended. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or that your data protection claims have been violated in any other way, please contact us immediately. If you have any questions regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data in MARMIND, as well as any other enquiries or notices regarding this privacy policy, please also contact us directly.


Deletion of personal data

If your data is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes, it will be deleted from MARMIND®. Data that you forward to third parties may remain, provided that they become linked data of these third-party user profiles. After deleting your user profile, all data that has not previously been transferred to a third-party user profile will be irrevocably deleted. This data will no longer be available for further use.