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Key moments in the history of our Company

Some of the roots of the Rotkäppchen-Mumm Company stretch back several hundred years. Our sparkling wine brands were established in 1856 while our spirits date all the way back to 1507. We are proud of our long company history, which continues to be eventful to the present day.


15.5 million bottles sold

In the GDR, Rotkäppchen sells 15.5 million bottles of the sparkling wine with the red cap – the highest annual sales volume ever.


Seagram acquires Matheus Müller

The Canadian beverage company Seagram, now proprietor of the Mumm brand and the Burgeff in Hochheim sparkling wine cellar, acquires the Matheus Müller sparkling wine cellar in Eltville.


Creation of Chantré

Ludwig Eckes creates the first ‘mild brandy’, Chantré, which later becomes a clear market leader.


Brand registration of Eckes Edelkirsch

Eckes Edelkirsch cherry liqueur, which has been in existence since 1931, is registered as a brand.


Foundation of Nordbrand

Foundation of the Nordbrand Nordhausen brand.

Rotkäppchen becomes a state-owned enterprise

Günther Kloss, owner of the Kloss & Foerster sparkling wine cellar, is dispossessed and moves to Rüdesheim. Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei becomes a state-owned enterprise.


Establishment of Mumm wine cellar

During World War I, the German Mumm family is dispossessed in France and establishes the G.H. von Mumm sparkling wine cellar in Frankfurt. The sparkling wine is produced at Matheus Müller.


Foundation of Rotkäppchen brand

Foundation of the Rotkäppchen brand by Kloss & Foerster. The bottle’s red cap gives the Rotkäppchen brand its name.


The foundation stone is laid for Rotkäppchen

The foundation stone is laid for Rotkäppchen: the brothers Moritz and Julius Kloss team up with their friend Carl Foerster to establish a winery in Freyburg (Unstrut) and start producing champagne.


Foundation of Deutz & Geldermann

William Deutz and Peter Geldermann from Aachen found the Deutz & Geldermann champagne cellar in Ay in the province of Champagne.


Start of champagne production

Matheus Müller starts to produce champagne in Eltville am Rhein after his sons learn the trade in Champagne.


Establishment of champagne cellar Mumm

The sons of Frankfurt-based merchant P. A. Mumm establish the champagne cellar of the same name in Reims in the province of Champagne.


Purchase of Sohlern’schen Hof

Wine merchant Matheus Müller purchases the von Sohlern’schen Hof in Eltville am Rhein, the origins of today’s Matheus Müller Sektkellerei.


First record of a grain distillery in Nordhausen

First record of a grain distillery in Nordhausen. Nordbrand Nordhausen continues this tradition in Nordhausen until the present day.